• Image of Tesla Model S

3D Printed Model of Tesla Model S
Standard-Version approx. 20cm length

Use note section for Color.
Avaiable Colors: Black / White / Silver-Grey / Midnight-Blue / tranluzent-transparent

Special colors on request (nearly everything is possible for +35 EUR)

comparison chart:
Scale 1:20 25,2cm
Scale 1:24 21,0cm
Scale 1:32 (Spur 1) 14,7cm
Scale 1:48 (Spur 0) 9,8cm
Scale 1:87 (H0) 5,4cm

Made of PLA - biodegenerable and environment friendly
Shipped with support structure to protect the side mirrors while shipping. Support structure need to be removed by customer.
PLA is temperatur stable up to 50°C, in case exposed to direct sunlight could be bend/melt. (i.e. Behind a window in summer...)

Please be aware, this will be shipped out of switzerland, custom fees may apply for EU destinations